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Orson Scott Card From RationalWiki Orson Scott Card is an American science fiction author of great renown. His first major novel, Ender's Game, won bo...

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This is a list of the works of Orson Scott Card. This list does not include criticisms, reviews, or related material written by Card. Orson Scott Card is the author of The Ender saga and Homecoming Saga among many other works. Contents. [hide]. 1 End

In an interview with Freedom Magazine, political columnist and Ender's Game writer Orson Scott Card talks about the power of the Internet and the importance of divergent ... A column of mine about China's responsibility to keep North Korea from behav

May 14, 2012 - MrModenait: 'I would recommend this book to readers because of its excitement, meaning and unpredictability'Missing:

ANDREW “ENDER “ WIGGIN LEADERSHIP IN ENDER'S GAME. NOVEL (1985) WRITTEN BY ORSON SCOTT CARD: A PSYCHOANALYTIC APPROACH. Abstrak. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan bagaimana sifat dan sikap seorang pemimpin dengan gaya kepemimpinan tr

Jul 30, 2016 - The Greenville, South Carolina resident has teamed up with the legendary sci-fi author on numerous projects: comic books, movie scripts, novels, a TV series, even stage plays. ... Card had begun working on the script for the “Ender's

Jun 1, 2008 - What's the secret behind the success of Ender's Game, the sci-fi novel published 23 years ago that has sold well over two million copies? ... It comes from his essays and columns, most of which appear in an independent newspaper in Gree

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Review of Books on the Book of Mormon 6/2 (1994): 59–78. 1050-7930 (print), 2168-3719 (online). Review of .... Homecoming (and his Enders and Alvin Maker series) are where he does indeed, in my view, "deal with .... consciously or unconsciously lin

"If we have to." "I thought you said you liked this kid." "If the buggers get him, they'll make me look like his favorite uncle." "All right. We're saving the world, after all. Take him." ***. The monitor lady ..... Ender couldn't see it coming, exce

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